How would you like your e-mail? extra e-mail address you can use with your existing connection

theANGRYinternet offers a "spare" e-mail address you can use with most e-mail client programs such as Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook Express*, and which will work with any Internet Service Provider's connection.  All for just £10 per year.
*The e-mail client program must support "outgoing mail server authentication". your main e-mail address Either use one of our addresses or register a Domain Name and have your own unique identity on the Internet.  Either way, you can use your e-mail through one of our own Internet connection services, or through any other Internet connection.  Unlike some Internet Service Providers, we do NOT insist you connect through our own systems.
...multiple mail addresses  
....connect multiple computers through a single line Multiple computers can be connected simultaneously through a single line - an ordinary telephone connection, or ISDN, or Broadband. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll make it happen! lines For heavy Internet usage, your own web servers, and other systems needing a permanent synchronous connection to the Internet, theANGRYinternet can arrange lease line connections to any one of hundreds of "points-of-presence" throughout the UK. Tell us what you want to do with it - and we’ll put together a solution for you.
...IMPORTANT! Read out anti-spam policy.  If you intend to use our systems to send unsolicited e-mails to others, then think again!
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