How would you like your Internet? a stand-by Internet service

theANGRYinternet offers a service you can simply switch to at any time your main Internet Service Providers system is not working properly. Home users can use this on either an ordinary telephone line or on ISDN for just 10 per year. a fixed-fee unmetered Internet service The efficiency of unmetered Internet services varies in different parts of the UK, with some services working extremely well in some areas while failing to provide a reasonable service in others. Prices start at just 6.99 per month, although it may be necessary to pay as much as 15.99 for reasonable dial-up performance.
Send an e-mail with your requirements and your postcode, or complete the form at the bottom of this page for our recommendations for your particular location and needs.
...through ADSL/Broadband High-speed Broadband is now available in most areas with prices starting at 22.99 per month.
....connect multiple computers through a single line Multiple computers can be connected simultaneously through a single line - an ordinary telephone connection, or ISDN, or Broadband. Tell us your requirements, and well make it happen! lines For heavy Internet usage, your own web servers, and other systems needing a permanent synchronous connection to the Internet, theANGRYinternet can arrange lease line connections to any one of hundreds of "points-of-presence" throughout the UK. Tell us what you want to do with it - and well put together a solution for you.
...cant cope? Although our basic service are provided with support by e-mail only, theANGRYinternet has facilities to provide effective on-site support in many areas for Internet services and for any and all problems with PCs or Macs. This is usually available either on a one-off basis or on an annual contract at a fixed charge.