Welcome to theANGRYinternet
a managed service
for serious Internet users

Internet Service Provider?

theANGRYinternet is a virtual ISP.  We take the best services from the best Internet Service Providers and combine them into our own unique service.  
If one service provider fails to perform, we simply switch to another.

Don't want our help?  Want to do it all yourself?
click HERE for the Internet's best ISPs - and then add on any of our services 
for the best possible Internet facilities.

NEW!  Business Broadband at speeds of up to 24Mbps:  click HERE

The Cheapest 
Internet Service Provider?
Not always.
Most of our prices are very competitive, but we aim to be the best - not the cheapest.

Grrr!  Angry with your Internet Service Provider?  Angry when you can't get any sense from someone at an off-shore call centre who doesn't even begin to understand your problems?
Let the
ANGRYinternet handle all those problems for you, with direct UK-based help and assistance from technicians who really understand your needs

ANGRYinternet is a MANAGED Internet Service - providing services with much less downtime than nearly any other type of service provider, and technicians who will respond promptly to identify and rectify any difficulty whether the problem is at our end or yours 

for £25
+VAT per month
Call 01892 548998 NOW or e-mail us on support@theangryinternet.com

Change your existing 
Internet Service Provider?
No. Not unless you want to.  theANGRYinternet's service can work with most existing ISPs.  If some of your existing ISP's services are working well for you, then leave them as they are.  Just use theANGRYinternet for the areas your ISP isn't perfect!